Asian Businesses

Our core business includes:

  • Introduction of Asian business partners to compatible Australian business
  • Assist local businesses with overseas expansion plan to work with potential overseas investors (particularly in PR China)
  • Promoting a multi-cultural business environment where western business culture goes hand in hand with the Asian business ethics
  • Developing business networking between Australian and business enterprises from Asia

Doing business in a foreign country requires good skills, attitude and understanding of the business culture of that country, this is particularly important trying to get into the business world of greater China which has a totally different culture and custom from Australia.

LLK management staff have valuable experience in dealing with Asian enterprises. Our team, before establishing in Australia, worked in different parts of Asia. They are bi-lingual, able to speak and write in Mandarin, Cantonese. The principal of the company had been appointed the business adviser and consultant to a major bank in China for a number of years, bridging the accounting culture between the West and the East, providing advice on the international accounting standard to the business partner in China.